Our kennel concept is geared toward what will take the stress out of the boarding experience. Dogs are pack animals and have a need to socialize with other dogs.  So dogs that have good social skills with other dogs will be allowed to interact during much of the day. Of course dogs will be socialize in a supervised, size appropriate environment.  Dogs are also den animals so when it comes to eating and sleeping they will be provided with there own individual space to relax in.    We tend to steer away from secluded indoor housing as this goes against what we have observed to be a dogs natural comfortable setting.


Single kennel  $25 per night

Second dog in same kennel additional $15 per night

Large kennel $35. per night

Second dog in same kennel additional $15 per night

Must have current vaccination records on file including bordetella  please have these in order before you check in.

You are encouraged to bring the food you would like to keep your dog on.  Changing diets can cause your dog some digestion issues

Please do not bring bowls, Cots provided but a blanket to put on them are ok to bring NO BEDS

Chew items are encouraged (NO stuffed toys) chew items can be brought in or purchased here.  No basted bones as these can cause problems for the dog and us.  Please NO rawhide.

We don’t have additional charges for what we feel you should expect in the care of your dog.

We also offer Doggie Daycare up to 5 hours is 1/2 day $10 anything over 5 hours is a full day $15