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  1. I can only imagine how fabulous this full service boarding facility will be. I can’t think of anyone I’d trust more with my dogs than this family of dog lovers!!! Ken’s training far exceeds any other trainer I’ve dealt with – so excited to see this facility coming!!!

  2. Ken, thank you so much for the tour and information on future plans. I’ve loved the in-home training you did with our dog. It is sticking!

  3. Looking for boarding Saturday night while 2 Fageols go to the Speedway to watch a Blackburn race. We plan on boarding purselves in a hotel. Can you take care of Rikki and Chessie?

  4. I would like ro know when classes will start for training a puppy. I have a 9 month old Rottweiler that needs training

  5. I love the Lodge! My dogs see us packing and know the next car ride is to the Lodge. Both our pups love see Ken and Trish at the counter waiting. I trust no one else with the care of our boys while we are away!

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